Friday, December 21, 2007

Snow Art

Last weekend we received the first snow of the season and it was wonderful. It kept us home, all cozy in the house, and allowed us much needed time to finish up our last minute Christmas baking and projects.

We only had about 3 inches of accumulation, and unfortunately it's all gone now, but we sure enjoyed it while it lasted. The boys spent several hours outside playing in it, building snow forts and snow slides.

One neighborhood over, my friend Lisa's very creative daughter, Michelle was making this adorable snowman. Notice that his arms are made out of bobby pins....that should give you an idea of how tiny he is. So cute!


GRANDMA R said...

Hi Kim, Keith and boys,
How nice to see your first snow fall. I'm sure it made it seem more like Christmas, thanks for sharing with us. Love you!
Mom and Dad

Kelly said...

I am SOOO jealous! The snow is absolutely beautiful! Wish our Christmas could be white, too, but we'll have to settle for warm and sunny. ;)

Mad Queen said...

Wierd... that snowman looks way bigger on your blog... I would not have guessed it was so tiny until I read what you wrote... bobypins, how cute is that??

Happy days!