Saturday, December 15, 2007

Patchwork Tablecloth & Napkins

I found this patchwork tablecloth and napkins in my Martha Stewart Living magazine and I fell in love with it. I just knew I had to make one and I had the perfect recipient in mind. I went to the fabric store and picked out several fabrics in the shades of lavender and purple. (you can see my first tablecloth on my Thanksgiving post)

Although I sew quite a bit, I still found the instructions a little confusing so I took my fabric and magazine with me to Phoenix in hopes that my mom, who is a wonderful seamstress, would be able to help. And sure enough, it became our weekend project. We were able to complete the tablecloth in the short time that I was there, my mom giving me several helpful pointers along the way, such as showing me how to sew French hems and how to get the fabric to be the perfect measurements by ripping it. Yes, you heard right, ripping it. It works great and has saved me so much time in all my recent projects. My mom and I really liked the finished product, despite my dad's aversion. He thought it would be better suited placed on a bed versus a table.

I have since made three patchwork tablecloths, all Christmas gifts, and each one was a pleasure to make. I'm not sure what I enjoy more, picking out all the fabric or seeing them put together in the finished project.
One of the downfalls to making this tablecloth is that you need a lot, and I mean A LOT, of rickrack. So if you live in a small town like I do, you might not be able to get all that you need. Two of the tablecloths that I've made, have been altered to fit bigger tables than what the pattern calls for. In the magazine it calls for 21 yards and I used about 35 yards for the two bigger tablecloths. If you can find it on the reel you have a better chance of having enough yardage but if you have to buy the little packages.... good luck. There's only 2.5 yards per package.

Some day I'll have time to make one for myself but in the mean time, I'm hoping the people receiving these will enjoy using them as much as I did making them.


Steph said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I LOVE it!

Mad Queen said...

WOW, oh wow. What a LOT of work. You must really love your recipients. I made rag quilts for all of glenn's family last year. I was going to then make them for my family this year... well, oops, I did not. I am still pooped out from last year! Oh well... next year?? You inspire me gal.