Friday, December 21, 2007

Deck The Halls.....

Tree during daylight.

Tree at night.

This post is for Mom who asked to see the Christmas tree decorated. I haven't quite figured out how to photograph Christmas trees as they're not very photogenic. Or maybe it's the photographer that has the problem.

I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite ornaments. To me the ornaments are the best part of the Christmas Tree. I don't particularly like putting up the Christmas tree every year. It's a lot of work, it clutters my house and drops pine needles all over the floor. However, there's certainly something special about taking the ornaments out one by one, and seeing the kids' faces light up as they find their favorite, and reminisce about when they received it.

My mom started a tradition when I was just a little girl, each year she would buy a new ornament for my sisters and me. When we married, we received the boxed ornament collection as a shower gift. It's hard to believe that some of the ornaments on my tree are almost as old as I am.

This one came in a set of three, all hand painted, from my Aunt Mary.

This turtle came from the "shower gift" collection and is 30+ years old.

This is a clay ornament that I made in 2nd grade

This teapot puzzle ornament is one of my favorites. It was locally hand crafted and given to me by a friend who knows how much I love tea.

And of course the boys would never let a Christmas go by without wanting me to take out their favorite Christmas decoration, this cute little Christmas village that was a hand-made gift (given many years ago) from my Aunt Linda. The boys love this village that, although you can't see, is very personalized with buildings such as "Kim's Soy Farm," and "Kim and Keith's Tree Lot."


GRANDMA R said...

Hi Kim, Keith and boys, Thank you for sharing the decorated tree with us. I got my wish, getting to see your fresh cut tree decorated. It is lovely and the history on the ornaments sure made this Grandma proud. It made me feel good to know it meant that much! Aunt Linda will love seeing her village. Again thanks for sharing! Love you! Grandma and Papa R.

Kelly said...

I love it! What a fabulous tree! I especially enjoyed seeing the ornaments since I have some of the same ones hanging on our tree! :)

Mad Queen said...

Too cute. You have a great blog... it is so different than most I check out. It is actually inspiring instead of just trying to get a laugh or a sympathy vote. You are truly the DIVA of... well, everything. I love the ornament part of tree decoration... we did not get that privilege this year... complicated living overseas. I love my ornaments from when I was little too. Priceless. I too have some that are 30+ (ah hem) years old.