Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Stafford Tree Farm

Last Saturday we headed out in search of the perfect Christmas tree. We drove out to Brown County, about 15 minutes away, to Stafford Tree Farm. This is the last year for Stafford to sell Christmas trees as they are trying to get out of the tree farm business. Their trees were a great bargain at $20 for any size if you cut and load it yourself.
Measuring Pole

We enjoyed our walk around the farm; the grounds were beautiful and the owners were very helpful. We were given a measuring pole, basically a white PVC pipe with duct tape marking each foot. It was a nice little tool to have until the boys started fighting over who was going to carry it. So back it went and we all had to figure out the the tree height on our own. The tree sizes can really be deceiving when your walking among many! We settled for a nice little Blue Spruce and Keith did the honor of cutting it down and loading it onto the car. His one and only contribution to the Christmas decorating, and one job I was glad not to have!


GrandmaR said...

Hi Kim and Keith,Mac and Ethan! What a neat tree! We had fun sharing your whole blog with Mary Lou and Bernie, we were excited to see new info especially the Christmas tree. Now we have to see it decorated. Love you all!
Love Grandma and Papa R.

Mad Queen said...

We used to get our trees from there too when we first moved to Indiana 11 years ago. Then Lowe's came along and well... we got commercial... and lazy. Less is more? Maybe. Last year our neighbor Victoria gave us her fake tree and now we are doing that... we have really caved. You have reminded me of better days.

Merry Christmas!