Wednesday, December 5, 2007

North Pole Cupcake

I'm currently working on a cupcake order for Friday. These cupcakes are for a Christmas party so in addition to experimenting with seasonal flavors, I'm also doing seasonal decorations.

Cupcake #1

Chocolate-Mint Cupcakes

For these I wanted to use a chocolate cake and a peppermint icing. I was hesitant to make the cupcake itself chocolate-mint for fear that it might be too overpowering. So I went with a chocolate cupcake iced with a subtle peppermint butter cream. I decorated with white sanding sugar and candy snowflakes, stuck in a peppermint stick and a fondant snowman for the top. I must say the fondant snowmen were a little time consuming, but overall I'm happy with the end result. We'll see if my customer agrees.

Check back tomorrow for Cupcake #2 - Gingerbread


Steph said...

Wow - Frosty has lots of friends!

I wonder how long it took you to make each one of these snowpeople?

I'm going to point people to these from my blog. They are SO lovely!

Mad Queen said...

DARLING! Almost too good to eat. How do you do it? The details are outstanding... I love how detail oriented you are. Life is in the details right? You are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents!