Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tea Cozy & Handbag

Tea Cozy

With the weather being cold and snowy, I've been finding myself wanting to stay indoors more often. The nice thing about that is having the opportunity to sew. I recently tried out two new patterns. The first was this cute tea cozy. I made this for my tea guru who also bought some of the same fabric to make a tablecloth.

I used Simplicity pattern 5068. It was very fun to make and not difficult at all. From start to finish it took less than two hours. I'll definitely be making more of these for my tea-loving friends.

This is the front of the cozy. We found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and it's absolutely adorable with pink roses, pretty teapots and teacups throughout. I used a satin cording for the outside edge.

This is the backside of the cozy. It's a pretty coordinating fabric in beige with pink roses. I also lined the inside with the same fabric. I ironed a thick fusible padding to the front and back pieces to insulate the cozy.

Above is a picture of the inside lining, and below a closeup of the pretty tea fabric.

Sewing Project Number 2

Mac was invited to a friend's birthday party this weekend. His friend who happens to be an 11 year-old girl, just learned how to knit. We decided to buy her some fun knitting supplies and I also thought it would be nice to make her a knitting bag.

I found this cute pattern, Simplicity 9963, which I thought would be quick and easy to make. I've had this blue and brown paisley fabric for awhile, another Hobby Lobby find. I just fell in love with it and had to buy some even though I wasn't quite sure what to use it for. It ended up coming in very handy for this project and I love the end result. Very pretty!


Anonymous said...


The cozy is so you and the bag for KM is great. I'm sure she will totally LOVE it!

See you soon -


Steph said...

The tea cozy is PERFECT! I just can't believe how cute it is! I'm so honored and can't wait to use it! BTW - I'm going to steal your photos for my blog. They turned out GREAT!

RoseAddict said...

I love your beautiful tea cozy! I wish I had bought some of that tea sets and roses fabric when I saw it. I don't think it's available now.

I came across your blog while googling for pink roses fabric. Great blog!