Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Cup of Kindness

I finally got around to making this teapot tablecloth and stool covers for my kitchen table. They were very simple to make (no pattern necessary); it was just finding the time to make them that was the problem.

You may recognize the fabrics as being Mary Englebright. The tablecloth has colorful teapots and the words, "A Cup of Kindness" written throughout the pattern. I made the stool covers out of a coordinating fabric in black with cherries. I sewed elastic into the stool covers so that they can be easily removed and thrown into the wash. The boys eat breakfast and lunch at this table so as you can imagine my stool covers make it to the wash a couple of time a week. I'm excited that these are black. Maybe they'll last longer between washings....maybe.As an added bonus and one that I didn't even realize when I bought the fabric, is that I have a set of the matching Mary Englebright dishes. A friend gave these to me, they were her mother's. She had several place settings and was kind enough to share 6 of them with me.


Esmerelda said...

Okay you are totally getting that remaining plate back. I can no longer hold onto it and feel good about myself. But I SWEAR you told me to keep it.

: )


Kelly said...

I am glad someone takes after Mom! You are so talented! :)

Steph said...

Esme's comment makes me laugh!

These look gorgeous! And it was just meant to be for you to have this fabric!