Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Musical Christmas

Each year we struggle with what to get the kids for Christmas. They never really need anything but this year we decided it was time to get them a piano. They both have enjoyed playing for two years, and are good about practicing so we thought it would be the perfect gift.

However, getting the piano into our house was no easy task. On the day we arranged to move it, the weather was nasty with below freezing temps and ice pellets. We rented an enclosed trailer which protected the piano from the freezing rain, and we had help from a strong and willing friend. It still was not easy because the driveways and sidewalks were covered in ice. Luckily everyone and even the piano survived the move and made it safely home.

We waited until 2 days before Christmas to pick it up so that we could keep it from the kids as long as possible. Once we got it home, I disguised it by putting a garbage can and boxes on top and then covering it with a sheet and blanket. We duct taped the sheet and blanket and told the kids it was very fragile and that they shouldn't touch it because it might break. It worked and the kids were completely surprised when they took the sheets off, and our house has been filled with music ever since.


Ice Pony Goddess said...


Happy Tails Beagle List, come check us out!

Steph said...

What a marvelous present for your family - and I think you get extra bonus points for the clever disguising of it!