Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coffee Cup Cozies

My sister asked me to make these for her. She wanted to give them to her coffee drinking friends for Christmas......apparently they drink a lot of coffee. These were fun to make and it also gave me an opportunity to use up some of my remnant pieces of yarn. I used only cotton and wool yarns as I thought they would make a better insulator for the coffee.

The pattern is simple.

Cast On 12 sts using 6 US needles
1. K12
2. K3 P6 K3
3. K12
4. K3 P6 K3

Repeat rows until about 9 inches in length, sew the ends together with a darning needle.


Kelly said...

These turned out perfect! (and I am so happy you made me one, too). They are very "green"...no paper wasted on all those coffee cup holders!

Thanks for helping me give a unique gift this season!

Steph said...

Yes, I love them!!!! So fun and colorful and less waste!

Betsy Boynton said...

I really love it. I was unsure what it was at first, but now it makes perfect sense. I will definitely use it. Thanks so much.

kidnumber10 said...

Now that I know what it is, I LOVE IT! Another excuse to go to Starbucks! I especially love it because it's GREEN. Thank you very much!

Lady Katherine said...

I love this idea! I want a pink one. lol