Friday, May 23, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Herb garden

Ours grows in pretty rock planters and beds made from an old locus tree.

Rock beds are filled with sweet potatoes, lettuces, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and herbs

The start of some lettuces and herbs

For those of you wondering what Keith has been up to lately, here's your answer : He has spent many hours in the yard preparing our summer gardens. He recently finished using up the last of our rock (17 tons) that we had delivered over a year ago. He built three very beautiful and useful rock planters that are already filled with sprouting produce and herbs. A true labor of love. Keith built this planter around the locus tree stump that was cut down.
Hops that Keith grows for his special home brew Newly planted blueberry bushes

A few weeks ago we had four mature trees cut down and although its sad to see them go, it certainly has brightened up our yard and made it more conducive for growing a garden. One of the trees had to be cut down by a tree climber because of it's location - it was in between the utility wires and very close to the house. It was fascinating to watch this very experienced climber do his job. We're hoping to replace some of the trees with fruit trees.

Expert tree climber at work

The kids also found a use for some of the cut wood. They built a fort around their favorite climbing tree, and named it the Hobbit Hut. Hmm....see if you can figure out what types of books Mac has read this past year. The Hobbit Hut

Our flowers have also just started to bloom. I took pictures of a few of my favorites; however, it had rained just before I took these and the poppies and the peonies weren't all the way open, but they still look beautiful none the less.



Peony (My favorite!)


Steph said...

Very nice! I'm so excited that you have blueberries!

Kelly said...

I want to visit the Hobbit Hut! :)

RoseAddict said...

What is the name of that blue iris? My husband has bought what was supposed to be blue irises, but they never turn out to be true blue. He'd love this one!