Sunday, May 4, 2008


Barack Obama visited Bloomginton for the second time, last week. He spoke Wednesday night to a packed Assembly Hall. An estimated 13,000 people were in attendance which is pretty impressive for our small town of 65,000.

The crowd was energized the entire evening as he spoke about his ideas on providing education tuition credits for those who do community service, ending the war in Iraq, and researching alternative energy resources. We were also pleased to hear him identify Clinton and McCain's "gas tax holiday" as a gimmick. Keith was chosen to be a correspondent for our local newspaper; he answered questions before and after the rally, and wrote a 500 word synopsis for the paper.

We brought the whole family and had excellent seats in the second row, next to the stage. We shared in the excitement as two of our friends were selected to sit on stage directly behind him.

He will be making several appearances in our state between now and Tuesday's primary and we have HOPE that Indiana will do us proud and elect him as the democratic nominee.
The kids had their faces painted while we waited in line for the doors to Assembly Hall to open.


Anonymous said...

What an inspiring evening it was! Many, many thanks again for sharing the vacant seat, Kate and I enjoyed sharing it, as well as your company. I have NEVER had the privilege of feeling so excited about a presidential candidate. MKP

Steph said...

Hope is a great motivator! Thanks for sharing your experience.