Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with Cousins

After a fun day at the farm we went back to my sister’s house so the kids to could get together with their other cousins, Owen and Olivia, to carve pumpkins.

Auntie Kelly treated all the kids to some matching Paul Frank pjs. The kids had dinner, got showered and put on their new pjs just in time for Owen and Olivia to show up with their pumpkins.

First the kids picked out patterns from books that they wanted to carve. Madelyn chose an owl, Ethan a werewolf, Owen a spider web, Olivia an owl, and Mac chose a bat.

It took a little while to tape the patterns and trace them on to the pumpkins. Uncle Chris and Uncle Rick helped the kids trace and carve, some designs were more intricate than others and they took longer, but everyone finally finished after about an hour and a half, and the pumpkins turned out great!

 When the pumpkin carving was finished, we got the kids together to take a picture of everyone in their matching pajamas.
They had a little trouble getting lined up on  the floor, but eventually we got a them all to cooperate for the camera!

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