Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Baking in October

It has also become a tradition to do Christmas cookie baking while we’re in Arizona over fall break. This year Mom, Kelly, and I had help from Madelyn who enjoyed sampling the cookies and licking the spoons as much as she did helping us decorate the cookies. 

 Yum! Caramel!

A few years ago Mom made all of us matching aprons, and each year mine gets packed in my suitcase to wear for our baking day. Mom always does a lot of prep work ahead of time in order for us to be able to make all of our favorite recipes in just one day. This year we made, chocolate chip, ginger snaps, spritz, almond butter balls, chocolate-caramel cookies rolled in nuts, cutout cookies, my grandma’s frosted molasses cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, lemon bars, mounds bars, peanut bars, and chocolate-caramel-almond bars.
 Grandma and Madelyn
 Madelyn and her Mom

I have to bring an extra suitcase in order to bring all the containers of cookies home.I also place bubble wrap in the containers to keep the cookies from breaking while being transported on the airplane. Once we get home, into the freezer they go. It’s so nice to have a stash of cookies to pull out for our holiday guests.


Hootie said...

WOW! I can't believe how big your niece is all ready! :) No boys helping this year? I bet they all will volunteer to be taste testers.

I think I should be inspired to do Christmas baking earlier...except I don't think my stash would survive until Christmas. I like frozen cookies too much!

Hugs! :)

Lisa Leggett said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! What a fun tradition. I remember when you posted about this last year which makes my head spin, has it already been a year?!?

Your aprons are adorable too!! Love it!

Steph said...

Yumm and fun!