Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Proof of the Pie is in the Eating

This post is dedicated to dear, sweet Esme. On more than one occasion she has been so kind as to bake a pie and leave it on the doorstep for my husband who she thinks is pie deprived, and well, she's probably right. Not only are her pies delicious they are much appreciated and enjoyed by Keith.

I am not a pie-loving person so I don't make as many pies as I do cakes and other pastries. My kids are not too fond of pies either, except for apple pie which Ethan claims to be the only kind of pie that he likes.

So, Esme here is my proof that I really do make pies. I've averaged a pie a month for the last couple of months, not bad when you consider all the other baking that happens in my kitchen.

In early August I made a blackberry-peach pie (above) out of fresh blackberries and peaches from the farmer's market.

And now that local apples are in season again, Ethan has been bugging me to make him an apple pie. I finally got around to it, and I enjoyed baking it in my new Cuisinart convection oven that I received from Keith and the boys for my birthday. It turned out perfectly golden brown and the aroma in the kitchen was heavenly. Keith and Ethan gave it two thumbs up!

Thank you Esme for your thoughtful pie-giving self, and for inspiring me to make more pies!


Mad Queen said...

Who is Esme and can she use a neighbor in Tokyo? That sounds like a dreamy friend to me... lucky! Sorry this friend got too busy to see you friend...bummer! We went from busy family time to packing and errands for leaving time and catch up on all the yard work you normally do in a year time...lame. Happy YUMMY pies!

Kelly said...

They look delicious! I can remember when you tried to make mom's pie crust for the first time in the kitchen on Comet. I think that was the moment you decided you didn't want to make pies anymore. ;) It's a good thing you kept at it though because you obviously have it down now. :)

Esmerelda said...

Love the pies! You have been keeping them a secret. I would love to try one.

Thanks for this blog post. I am happy to know that your husband is NOT pie deprived. No one should be.

xo Amy

Cari said...

That looks absolutely delicious! One pie a month is an accomplishment. I'm lucky if I get around to one pie a year.