Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mac!

Today is Mac's birthday and it's hard to believe that I am a mother to a 12 year-old boy! It feels like it was just yesterday that he arrived into this world. Maybe it was all the complications during my pregnancy, the hospital stay for preterm labor or the 6 weeks of bed rest that followed, that make the memories so clear.

He was determined to come when he wanted and he did -- 4 weeks early. He was only home for 16 hours when we had to readmit him into the hospital for an extremely high bilirubin count of 28! He spent the first week of his life, not in his newly painted fish bedroom, but instead in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

However, he was worth every complication, every struggle, and every ounce of worry and stress, a thousand times over! He brings so much joy into our lives every day. He is a smart, creative, funny and compassionate human being. I am so blessed to be his mother and look forward to sharing in all of his future dreams, sorrows, and endeavours to come. Happy Birthday Mac!

The birthday cake that I made for Mac is a recipe from my friend, Stephanie. She made me this cake for my birthday and it was delicious! My family loved it then and they loved it again tonight when we ate it for Mac's birthday. It has a lot of yummy ingredients like sour cream, pudding, German chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate chips. And served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream it's simply delicious!


GRANDMA R said...

Happy Birthday Mac! Like Mom I can't believe you are twelve either! You are not only our first born grandchild but our first grandson after three daughters it was so special! We love you very much and hope you had a wonderful birthday! We love you!
Grandma and Papa R

Steph said...

Happy Birthday and I'm glad you enjoyed the cake!

lisa said...

Happy Last-Year-As-A-Preteen Mac!

It seems like only yesterday when YOU were in first grade. Wow does time fly by!

Your cake looks delicious.

Mad Queen said...

Happy Birthday Friend Mac! Wow, you have a 12 year old son! We are about there too... there is something tremendous about your child turning 12. Why is 12 so much older than 11?? Don't know, but it is. I loved reading about Mac's birth... precious beyond words. We love Mac too... he is funny, creative, intelligent, and kind. You couldn't ask for anything more. Happy Birthday!