Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween in AZ

( L to R) Poseidon, Jeff Gordan, Fifties Girl, Hershey Kiss and Indiana Jones

We flew out to Arizona on Halloween morning and the kids were treated to lots of Halloween goodies, both in airport and on the airplane. Several Southwest employees were in costume, and the kids got to vote on their favorite pumpkin display at the ticket counter. They were given spider and bat rings, squeezable pumpkins, and candy.

The kids trick-or-treated with their cousins until they so exhausted that couldn't walk any further. Once back at Auntie Kristin's house everyone changed into their Halloween pajamas and surveyed their loot of candy.


Steph said...

LOVE those PJs!

Mad Queen said...

You have to tell me... where did the kids get these jammies? Did you make them??? Awesome! And what a fun memory for your boys to take an airplane trip on Halloween... too fun!

mrs_jpyatt said...

These PJ's are so danged cute!I love them! I love the idea of Halloween Pajamas just like Christmas Pajamas! What an awesome idea!