Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cupcakes in Lavender

Today Steph and I went to the nursing home to visit our friend who is celebrating her 83rd birthday. We had a lovely time and conversation with her and her husband, as well as her sister who is visiting from out of town. Steph brought along some beautiful sunflowers from her garden and I brought these pretty little flower cupcakes from my kitchen. They are white chocolate cupcakes with butter cream icing. The fondant decorations are my attempt to make hydrangea look-alikes.


lisa said...

You really are an incredible, edible artist!

Your creations are just so beautiful, I wish they could last!

~Lisa :)
PS you're a pretty neat person too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!

Hope you have a great day and year!

Love, Mary

Steph said...

Kim - they looked so pretty I could have sworn they were real!