Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday Farmer's Market

We are truly blessed to live in this city, and one of my all time favorite things about Bloomington is the Saturday Farmer's Market. Our farmer's market runs April through October during which time you can find a variety of locally grown produce, plants, flowers, even fresh baked breads. You will also find several local dairies that sell cheeses and yogurts, local farms selling grass-fed, free-range chicken and beef, and fair trade coffee that is roasted locally.

When you enter the market you can't help but feel a sense of community. It is a social occasion for many and the one day of the week where you can meet up with your friends, shop for local foods, enjoy listening to local musicians, and even get a free chair massage. There is something for everyone including the kids. Mine especially like playing in the fountain, visiting with the Humane Society dogs that are up for adoption, and eating the freshly popped kettle corn.
Pretty sunflowers are one among many different varieties of flowers sold at the market.

Fair trade coffee that has been locally roasted.

This is the line for the most popular vendor of the market. No matter what time you go you will find a line for this corn vendor, unless you go too late and they're sold out. There are many vendors that sell corn at the market but this one definitely has the best variety and is the best tasting, as you can tell by the line.These are the empty crates showing how much corn has already sold this morning, and it's only 10 am.

Need to relax, try a free chair massage.

The goat cheese from this vendor is out of this world!

This is the infamous fountain that acts as a child magnet. Although you can't see from the picture, it channels around like a snake. If you lose track of your kids this is the place you're sure to find them, especially on a hot day.

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