Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Dishes!

My mom and dad wanted to buy us a new set of dishes for our anniversary. Incidentally, china is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary. These are not china but they are a very nice stoneware that I picked out from the Pfaltzgraff catalog. My mom has a set of Phaltzgraff dishes as well as each of my sisters so she thought it was time for me to have a set too. We have had our everyday dishes for twenty years, and no longer have a complete set so we decided that we would take my parents up on their offer.

It was very difficult deciding on pattern and I had to consult a few friends for their opinion. I thought I was going to pick something completely different until I went to the Pfaltzgraff outlet and saw the dishes in person. I ended up choosing my last choice instead of my first. This pattern, Sea Vista is very plain compared to the other flowery ones that I liked. However, I think it will be quite versatile and it's my favorite color, blue.

Thanks Mom and Dad!


GRANDMA R said...

Kim we are so happy you like your new dishes! I didn't know blue was your favorite color just like me. We have lots in common. You did another great job on your blog. Glad you liked them! By the way Happy Anniversary, we are very proud of you both!
Mom and Dad

Steph said...

I really like how the pieces are in varying shades of blue. I think that's very fun! And you're right - these are so versatile. You can pair them with all kinds of things for unique looks.

Congratulations and good choice!