Monday, November 19, 2007

Violin and Cello Duet

Below is a video clip from last Friday night when Mac and his friend preformed a violin and cello duet at a school event. Hopefully you'll be able to look past my poor video taping as I wasn't able to turn the camera on in time for them to start their piece, and there is quite a bit of background noise. All in all the kids did a great job, especially considering they only practiced together twice.

Mac and Gabe playing, Zwei Tanze Bouree by Johann Adolph Hass



Steph said...

Great job, M!!

Steph said...

Oops! I mean Mac!

Kelly said...

IMPRESSIVE boys! I am so proud of you!

Mad Queen said...

Wow, you figured out how to put on a video! I need to do that. Way cool. Funny to hear the NOISE you are right... it is noisy. If this were Japan, you could hear a pin drop it would be so quiet. It is so different here. Sometimes I like that it is that respectful but sometimes it stresses me out... trying to keep my kids quiet... whew!