Friday, November 9, 2007

Teavana and Tea Gschwendner

Getting back to my Chicago trip ..............

During our whirlwind tea tour of Chicago, we stopped at two tea stores. The first was Teavana. A good friend of mine gave me a Teavana gift certificate for my birthday, and I had lots of fun deciding what to use it for. I ended up buying a glass teapot warmer that you set your teapot on. I also bought a tea mixture of a Mate tea and Rooibos Chai. Very Yummy! As you can see the store is very colorful and there are lots of pretty things to look at.

Next up was my favorite little gem of Chicago, Tea Gschwendner. I loved this store from the moment I walked in it! A very classy store with definite European flare! The tea wares were stunning and the tea was delicious! The manager, Michelle (pictured below with S.) was very helpful and friendly. The whole experience was a tea lovers dream! The tea that I bought here was a Oolong tea, Bossa Nova. It has a slight nutty flavor--perfect for this time of year.

Notice the pretty stainless steel boxes of tea on the shelves, rows and rows of them!

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Steph said...

Ah, I'm relaxing while I re-live this as I read your blog! :-)

How's that teapot warmer working out?