Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun at the Cabin

Today we spent the day hanging out at the cabin. The kids have been outside enjoying the sunny and warm weather. It's hard to believe that there is so much snow on the ground up here, especially since the temps have been in the 60's. We wish we would have brought some shorts along. It was so warm today that we could have all used some cooler clothes.
The boys had fun pulling Madelyn around in the sled. 

We've played lots of games too. Ethan has been attached to the pool table, challenging everyone to a game of eight ball. The boys have also had fun playing Grandpa's (homemade) shut box game. Grandma brought her coins and Mac made a few dollars.
We brought so much food that we ran out of refrigerator space. The snowbank on the back deck made  an excellent cooler for the drinks. :)


Mad Queen said...

Looks absolutely cozy. We have put drinks outside during the winter too...when you have a lot of company the fridge fills up fast. Oh, and Madelyn is getting so big!

Steph said...

FUN! Those are great, great, great photos of the kids!