Monday, November 30, 2009

Beagle Creek

Beagle Creek is a piece of land that we bought a couple Months ago. It's about 4 acres located half of a mile from Lake Lemon. About 1/3 of the property is pasture and the other 2/3rds is forest. The boys named it Beagle Creek because it's a favorite outing for our beagle, Pongo, and also to honor the memory of Highway, another beagle who would have loved this place.
There is a one-car garage on the property which Keith uses as a storage shed. He has big plans for this piece of land. In addition to planting a small orchard and other produce, he has started a new business, Native Solutions, LLC, in which he will be growing and selling inoculum to restoration companies.
Keith and boys spend almost every weekend at Beagle Creek. They have been cleaning out the creek which is full of trash. Obviously, the previous owners must have mistaken the creek for a landfill. Keith has taken away several trailer loads full of old refrigerators, washers, car and truck parts, even a big natural gas tank. Apparently it's a very "Hoosier" thing to do -- dispose of your trash in your own backyard. It seems there is no shortage of junk in Beagle Creek, and Keith and boys have been hard at work removing all of it. The various metals (copper, steel, aluminum, etc.) are taken into town and sold for their salvage value, and much of what the previous owners considered "trash" will actually be put to use in the orchard and other parts of the property."

There is a small persimmon grove at Beagle Creek as well as a big sugar maple that we're hoping to tap for syrup in the spring. We're also looking forward to next summer when we can pick and eat all the chanterelle mushrooms that grow abundantly in our forest.


Mad Queen said...

Ooooh fun, you purchased land! This looks so much like my parent's land. Sounds like a great project for the boys... clearing out the garbage (which is so sad). Plus, kids spending time with Dads is awesome on so many levels... good for kids, great for moms :).

Anonymous said...

From the GIS data I've looked at, the creek on our property had no name, so we felt justified in providing one. We are on a ridge, and thus, at the headwaters of Beagle Creek, a tributary that flows into Beanblossom Creek, which then makes its way to the White River (and then to the Wabash, the Ohio, the Mississippi...). Needless to say, we hope to do a little better with land stewardship than the previous occupants.

Steph said...

It's beautiful! Yay for the shrooms!