Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Crown of Peanuts

Today is Ethan's 8th birthday and this morning we left for Arizona. On our flight out west the flight attendants made Ethan a crown of peanuts in celebration of his birthday. They made an announcement on the PA and I think that was the first time Ethan's ever had over a hundred people wish him Happy Birthday all at the same time.
The crown is very clever and in the 13 plus years that I've been employed by SWA, I've never seen anyone make one before. I've made birthday cakes out of rolls of toilet paper but never a crown of peanuts. There's only so many resources that you have at 40,000 feet and this was one of the most clever ideas I've seen. The bags of peanuts are held together with stir sticks.

Needless to say, Ethan loved the crown and all the attention that was bestowed upon him.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!


Mad Queen said...

Wow, that is SUPER cool! Did you know the flight attendant? I have never seen such personal attention... of course it has been years since I flew SWA... maybe they are better than the rest.

Love the crown... definitely picture worthy!

Happy days,


sweetcakes said...

Mad Queen - No, I didn't know the flight attendants and, yes, I might be biased but SWA is definitely better than the rest!

Steph said...

Wow - that is soooo cool! Happy b-day, Ethan!