Friday, April 11, 2008

Where in the world is Senator Obama?

Bloomington Of Course!

Obama has been campaigning in Indiana for the past week and we heard on Wednesday that he would be stopping in Bloomington. Then on Thursday we were somewhat disappointed when the local newspaper reported that a Bloomington stop wasn't a for sure thing. However, Obama had a scheduled appearance in Columbus Friday morning and one in Terre Haute Friday night so we had a good feeling that he'd stop in Bloomington since the easiest way to get from Columbus to Terre Haute is via Bloomington.

Today we followed our local newspaper's blog and read that after his speech in Columbus, Obama would make an undisclosed stop on the way to Terre Haute, and there were hints that it would be at the Little 500.
After the kids got home from school, Keith and I packed them up and we all rode our bikes down to Armstrong Stadium in search for the senator. On the way there, his motorcade passed us by, and the race was on for us to arrive there before he did. We made it to the stadium and luckily we were on bikes because we wouldn't have been able to access the entrance by car since the roads were barricaded. We had a very good view of the stadium and of Barack when he arrived. It was all very exciting until we realized that in our haste to leave we (that is I) left the camera at home.
Obama is spotted here in the white button shirt, just above the cyclist in the orange shirt.

After Obama arrived at the Little 5, he spent a good 20-30 minutes going around the track and shaking hands with people in the bleachers and then another fair amount of time actually watching the race,, during which Keith decided he would head back home to get the camera. Keep in mind that it's about a 20 minute bike ride back home. But Keith, being the speedy cyclist that he is, made it there and back in no time.

When we saw that Obama was getting ready to leave the stadium we hopped on our bikes and rode to the north stadium entrance, the one he was leaving out of. We arrived just in time and to our great delight, all four of us (Keith the boys and I) were able to see him up close and shake his hand, AND Keith got some awesome pictures! (Be sure to scroll down and check out the slide show below)

Barack is working his way towards us. I'm in the blue bike helmet.

Lots of Excitement!
Up Close and Personal

Even more up close!

Last week we all went to see former President Clinton speak at Assembly Hall and Mac and his grandma got to shake President Clinton's hand which was also pretty exciting. However, today after Barack shook Mac's hand, Mac said, "Obama has erased Clinton's handshake." Both of the kids were pretty excited by today's experience and I'm sure it will be one they won't ever forget.

After Obama left Armstrong stadium he was headed downtown to another undisclosed stop. We followed, and when we arrived downtown on Kirkwood Ave, the crowd was waiting. Sure enough a few minutes after our arrival, along came Obama and the men in the black suits. Second stop, Nicks Hut, a popular, local sports bar. On the way inside he walked along the street and shook hands with what seemed like, hundreds of people.

The Kids and I are watching the crowd as we wait for Obama to come out of Nick's. The crowd mobs the streets, Obama in the middle of it all, walking towards his bus.

Obama on the bus and headed out of town. Bye-bye Bloomington......until next time!


Steph said...

I'm very glad that you decided to go and that Keith hustled for the camera! Yeah for you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Lisa told us about your adventure, but it is GREAT to be able to see it on your blog. Anna and I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mad Queen said...

No way, that is so cool! I love this guy. Kudos to you for making such a terrific event happen for your family.... even Keith being the superhero to go back for the camera. I love Mac's comment about "Obama's handshake erasing Clinton's"... now there is a politician in the making! And I have to say I am completely on Mac's page. I also love the photo outside of Nick's hut, 1. because it makes me miss Bloomington, but more importantly 2. because Ethan's expression is awesome... especially in the red, white, and blue helmet... a perfect moment. So fun! Wish we were there.

Anonymous said...

While I'm flattered that mad queen thinks I'm a superhero, if she could have seen me trying to ride Kim's bike, she would have concluded I was a circus clown-in-training. Kim's bike dimensions fit her quite well, but the cranks, seat height, and frame are too small for me. As such, I was spinning the cranks wildly without getting much power out of each stroke--just like a circus clown riding a miniature bike. I'm sure my neighbor Ellie will agree--she saw me doing the Obama sprint and wondered what was up!


Anonymous said...

Notice their are no US flags in the pictures. That's because Obama refuses to salute the flag for "fear of offending someone". He is a socialist who hates America. He is by far the most prejudiced person to ever run for US president - he does not recognize Israel as a nation and sides with the terrorist. Definitely not someone we want as commander-in-chief.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous! Have you also noticed there are no Indiana State flags or albino camels in these impromptu, unstaged photos? That must be because Obama hates Indiana and large pack animals!

Ok, seriously now...your comment is a joke, right? that you? Tom? Dimitri? You guys are hilarious!

I'll be sure to return the favor and post to your family blog as an anonymous, barely literate, uninformed reactionary who get his marching orders from Limbaugh and/or Fox News. It will be great!

Whatever shall I write? Hmmm...maybe something about the virtues of torture, or how our current administration has no regard for the U.S. Constitution, or how much Iraqi citizens really love what we've done to their country...decisions, decisions... :-)