Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter Break Knitting

I promised the kids that I'd knit them each a scarf over winter break. It was the first time in months that I actually had time to sit down and knit. I'm relatively a novice, mostly self-taught knitter. However, my friend Lisa was the first to get me interested in knitting a couple years ago when she showed me how to make dishcloths. Several dishcloths later, I decided to expand my horizons and move on to scarfs. Most of my previous scarves have been gifts so I thought it was time to make some for my family. The kids were thrilled to get these, both made in their favorite colors.
The scarf making started out a little rocky and almost didn't happen at all. Both kids fought over who's scarf I would make first. We decided to flip a coin to make it fair and when Mac's side won, Ethan decided that flipping a coin wasn't fair and efficient. So after a lot of whining and tantrums (coming from Ethan), Mac gave in and let Ethan go first. What a nice big brother.I made both scarves in a ribbing pattern. A simple knit 2, pearl 2. Mac's scarf was a little more complicated and although you can't see it in the picture, it has a cable twist in the ribbing. It's made the same way, knit 2 and pearl 2, except on the third row instead of the knit 2, you knit 2 together, leaving the stitches on the needle, then you knit the first stitch again, and pull both stitches off the needle. The pattern gets repeated until you run out of yarn.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the final results! The colors look wonderful on both boys. What a nice big brother too. Someday Ethan will realize how lucky he has been to grow up with Mac as his brother.

Check out this blog:

She has cute things she's made. I don't know this blogger, but have checked her stuff over the past year. Very reminds me of my daughter and her things.

What's your next project? I need to finish my red scarf and then get serious about learning how to crochet. Shall we learn how to make snowflakes together?

Lisa :)

Steph said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented!

Mad Queen said...

Love the scarves! I wish I could knit. Seriously Kim, is there anything you can't do? How lucky I am to know such a talented gal. I am the lucky one. These scarves are gorgeous and I love the boys in them... capture the moment (and great lighting on the photos too). Win win.